RED PETAL PRESS is a limited service book publisher offering services to action adventure authors to get your book published through print-on-demand and ebooks. The company is relatively young, founded in 2009, but we work hard to make our authors' works a success.

Featured Author

RED PETAL PRESS is pleased to continue working with our featured author, Jason L. Case, is an old hand at writing. His series of Fiction / Action & Adventure novels are, in our opinion, thoughtfully crafted, with interesting, imperfect characters. The scenes are well described and evocative, and the plots and sub-plots are written with good attention to detail in all important aspects. Read his latest interview here.

As described in his author blurb on Amazon.com, Case spent the early years of his life in Europe and North Africa, which has colored his attitude and his writing. Although books and writing have always been his passion, along the way he has earned a Master's Degree, supervised employees in the American Auto Industry, and acquired a Commercial Driver's License to see America as a long-haul trucker. He and his wife live in Michigan, where he does most of his writing and is a social worker.

The blurb obviously does not tell the whole story. Jason's father, David F. Case is the author of Fiction / Gothic Horror novels "Fengriffen", "The Cell and Other Tales", "The Third Grave". He also writes Fiction Westerns that, alas, are now out of print, of which "Black Hats" is my personal favorite. Oh, he has a new book out, Pelican Cay and Other Disquieting Tales.

Jason's writing style is more modern and grittier than that of his father's style. With an extensive vocabulary, his characters, allusions, action scenes, motivations and emotions are captured viscerally, making for fast-paced exciting reading. (Ed. MRC)


E-books on CD

Our featured author's 5 book action series is The MacMaster Chronicles. The ebooks are available on all major ebook e-tailers. For example:

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